Super Bowl Civil War

Heeeeeey there superhero fans! So, big thing happened this weekend. Yeah, Super Bowl Sunday. If you’re like me and doesn’t give a rats ass about actual football but still wanted to join in on the festivities and see what commercials were worth paying 4.5 million dollars for, then you still tuned into the game. Congrats to the Broncos! I still don’t know where you’re based in but you know what I do know?


I’m sure I wasn’t the only one that screamed when it came on, because my friends and I were absolutely livid. Let me explain to you all the points of the trailer that made me scream:

  • Every time Bucky Barnes showed up on the screen
  • When Captain America did cool moves and was kicking butt
  • When Tony did that awesome thing when he put his armor on his hand
  • Bucky and Tony fighting with the gun
  •  Bucky and Cap tag teaming
  • Everyone in battle mode against THE PEOPLE THEY LOVE

So basically the whole trailer. For those poor souls that have missed this, feast your eyes.

I read the civil war comic a few years ago and I’m not going to lie, it was really intense. Seeing as it was the comic, it obviously included way more characters than the Marvel movie will. I’m curious to see how the storyline will differ from it.

Originally the plot of it (I’ll say it as vague as possible so I don’t include spoilers), was that an event happens with amateur supers and a massive death happens. The people then raise up and want those with powers to register their secret identities with the government, so they can be watched properly, or they should be forced to disappear. Tony Stark, who has already confessed to being Iron Man in the first Iron Man movie, thinks it’s a great idea, and it would be better for the public. Steve Rogers, who is only technically known to the world as Captain America, thinks it’s an American’s right to keep their own secret identity. Hence, where the battle of opinions begins. Creating the Civil War.

Spiderman is actually the first one to give up his identity to the public. I say that, not as a spoiler, but because I’m wondering if they are even going to include him in the first place. There has been talk about the new Spiderman re-reboot, but no words on if he’s actually going to show up in the movie. Let’s hope so.

Can we give a shoutout to twitter btw for making those awesome emojis for the civil war Marvel characters? They were pretty awesome.  I’ll keep you guys updated on anymore Civil War news coming up soon. Talk to you all soon guys. Squad Out!

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