So a few posts ago I promised you all a review on the movie Deadpool. Well guys… I’m sorry to say this but….THE MOVIE WAS AMAZING! No spoilers but it was even better than I thought. Like I heard it was good and funny, but there’s a lot of movies like that with a few laughs and maybe a chuckle, but no, this was literally a comedy, rolled into a horror film, smashed into an action movie. It was fantastic and I would totally recommend it.

And it was exactly like Deadpool would have it too. Funny jokes, people getting overly annoyed with Wade, sex jokes, aaaaaand some fourth wall breaking. There was even a silly teaser at the end after the credits (of course, it’s a Marvel movie) but the way they did it was great.

The way they explained his story was interesting too because it wasn’t just beginning to end. They did the whole “double story while time hopping through it” thing, and it helped explain a lot. The effects came out brilliantly and the Xmen that showed up in the movie, Colossus, and Negasonic Teenage Warhead, totally kicked ass. Surprisingly the studio finally got the rights to use the word “mutant” now, instead of “miracles” like they kept saying in the avengers.

I’m just jealous about the awesome free poster they gave out to all the people that came to the midnight showing of it on Friday. All my friends that got one got me so saaaaad. Look how cool it is!

deadpool poster

Real talk though, to all the parents: this is an R RATED MOVIE FOR A REASON. There’s a bunch of curse words and sex stuff everywhere. If you want to let your teens go, ok that’s cool, but please, be mindful. I had six to ten-year-olds in the theater watching with me and everyone was wondering why they were there in the first place. I would NOT bring a child below the age of at least 14 to that movie. Unless you don’t care about all the swear words, violence, and sexy stuff, then that’s all you.

On another note, what would a Marvel movie be like without a cameo from Stan Lee? (A flop movie like the fantastic four but let’s not talk about that). Let’s just say he came in at the best time. Well that’s my review for the movie folks. Make sure to stop by the theater and support them so they’ll come out with a sequel! Squad Out!


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