Teen Titans Not GO?

The Teen Tians. THE TEEN TITANS! THEY’RE COMING BACK!!! If you’re like me and grew up watching the Teen Titans kicking butt from 2003-2006, the name still gets you excited. We never got their story fulfilled like we wanted, but it will always be in our hearts.

Then came along Teen Titans GO. A lot of people including myself thought that was going to be a continuation of the show’s storyline in a different drawing style. Sadly as we discovered, it wasn’t. The show’s producers changed their demographic to a younger audience and aimed to have a “sillier” theme, making light of a lot of situations like their dark pasts, their insecurities, and their weaknesses, which is what a lot of us loved about them. To be honest, after watching the first episode of Teen Titans Go, I was pretty disappointed. After the first episode, I just couldn’t deal. I thought that was going to be the end of my amazing titans, but apparently that’s not true.

teen titans go

There’s a new movie coming out this March and it’s called Justice League vs Teen Titans. They even let out a trailer for it this past month! Alright, can we talk about this for a sec? There’s an actual TRAILER for an animated movie for the new Teen Titans.

So I’m going to be honest with you guys. I haven’t watched the show Young Justice, (I know, I want to, but life keeps getting in the way), but the same creators of that are bringing their hand into taking back our old favorite heroes. My friends and I really had to research to see if this trailer was actually genuine or fan made. Trust me, there have been plenty of things that have gotten our hopes up, but thankfully this is the real deal.

There are a couple things that are different in this movie though that don’t correlate with the original series: 1) Blue Beetle is seen in this video, but he wasn’t with the Titans at that time, so why is he there now? 2) We all know that the original Robin, Dick Grayson, that was the leader and founder of the Titans later grew up to be Nightwing. The Robin that’s showing up with the Titans isn’t our Robin because we see a scene where Robin going all “FATHER!!” to batman. This Robin is actually Damien Wayne, Bruce Wayne’s real son. Is it just me or is that weird?? I don’t think Damien was even born at that time??? I know most movie scripts never follow the originals exactly, but they could at least attempt.

teen titans new

ON THE BRIGHTSIDE. Our amazing super slaying Titans will return soon and I’m super excited about it and you all should be too. Keep you posted about the review. Squad Out!

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  1. I agree, this show is definitely not a go. From the previous animation style and content to this one is an insult of intelligence. Great facts.


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