The New Marvel Civil War Trailer

WELL ladies and gentleman, a couple days have passed since the newest trailer for Captain America: Civil War has come out, and this is my only reaction. THIS IS SO AWESOME! There are so many new scenes and teasers in this trailer!!! I’m sure you guys all went almost as crazy as I did when you saw it. I feel like this trailer has given a whole new perspective on how torn each side is on actually fighting each other. The ideals of Tony Stark and Steve Rogers will be put to the test. Who is right? Who is wrong? Who will win? Who will fall? THEY’RE FREAKING KILLING ME. Captain America, the first avenger and America’s superhero, and Iron Man, the genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist; two radically different individuals with clashing ideals, but with one goal in mind: The greater good.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to take a look:

Will there be any more romance *cough* I mean bromance between Bucky and Cap? Are we all going to die when we see Tony and Steve breaking up their friendship? Because when I saw that black eye Tony was sporting, I was done for. “Sometimes, I want to punch you in your perfect teeth,” AND HE DID!  Did you guys see him completely bitch slap the shit out of Cap??

But, superhero fans, there is a huge reveal that Marvel has dropped. THE NEW SPIDERMAN IS HERE! In the trailer, you see Captain America and Tony already squaring off, both sustaining damage from their fight, until finally Tony reveals his ace in his hand. With his call, Spiderman reveals himself and not only jacks Cap’s shield but also ties his hands with his webbing in the process! And low and behold, SUPERHERO LANDING! Tom Holland, portrays this new Spiderman in a younger way.

tom spiderman

Our friendly neighborhood web-slinger also has a new costume reveal that pays tribute to the Silver-age comics, that many hardcore fans such as myself have noticed. Let’s see how Spiderman the third does with making his role a good one during the war.

Lastly, CAN WE TALK ABOUT BLACK PANTHER??? Did you guys SEE how fast he was? He was faster than Cap, and fast enough to catch up to Bucky, ON A MOTORCYCLE GOING LIKE 200+.

black pantherblack panther jumpbucky black panther

How fast IS this guy??!!?! Not to mention that he’s officially bulletproof now??

black panther bulletproof

I’m just so hyped on seeing how this movie turns out guys. WE’RE SO CLOSE, but I’ll keep you guys updated on what’s going on. Squad Out!

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