Starfire Comics

Hey guys! I know I made a post a while back talking about how the Teen Titans haven’t done much lately, well that was on the animation side. On the comic side, the characters are all still pretty active. One of them finally has their own comic book series now! It’s Starfire!!!

If you all have seen starfire over the years during comics, they have literally had her barely wearing anything. Let’s take a look, shall we?

first starfire

If the big hair wasn’t a clue for you enough, her first appearance was back in 1982.

Then came The New 52 Starfire that got even less clothes, and became super duper sexual to please all the fan boys out there.

starfire new 52

Now they have come out with an entirely new Starfire. One that is kind of a mix between the old sensual kickass starfire and the fun loving silly starfire from the Teen Titans show that me and many others watched back in 2003-2006.

Starfire Teen Titans

This new Koriand’r, or Kori for short, is literally as bright and loving as the sun. She still has the extreme power of starbolts and super strength, and she keeps learning new things about the earth every day.


I won’t give any spoilers about the story cause I want you all to read it, but there’s lots of battles, villains, new friends, and the funny perspective of earth and human culture from an alien. There are even some blasts from the pasts that come back to spice up the story. I’m telling you guys, it’s worth the read. Here’s the link so you all can read it for free! Tell me what you think of this new Starfire!

Happy reading guys. Squad Out!

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