DareDevil Drops Season 2

GUYS IT’S FINALLY HERE!!! The devil of Hell’s Kitchen has returned to kick more butt than ever. The Daredevil season 2 has finally been released today on Netflix! Last season, as you can remember, he was fighting off the crazy mob boss “Fish.” Matt Murdock was trying to understand who was controlling the city and making all these crimes happen, ruining them one at a time while also trying to work cases with his partner and friend Foggy, and their newly acquired secretary that thanked the partners for clearing her name, Karen.

Not to mention one hot conflicted relationship between Claire and Matt, who, I really hope is coming back in season 2. Honestly, the relationship between the two of them really shows how tough it is to try to have a boyfriend when he keeps trying to save the city and comes back to you almost dead 95% of the time. It’s better not to have a relationship at all in that case, so Claire, I don’t blame you, but please come back to us this season, kay?

Daredevil is notorious for having crazy fight scenes, and beautiful camera shots with lighting, so I have no doubt that there will be plenty more of that this upcoming season. Also, now that Fish is officially done with and put away, we have a new villain coming to mess things up in DD’s area. The Punisher has made his way into Hell’s Kitchen, but he’s not the only one. Elektra is in this too. From what I hear, there’s also a surprise visitor at the end of Season 2 as well. No spoilers, but let’s just say Jessica Jones fans might be really happy about this. I’m just as excited as you guys, so I’ll be back with a review after I’ve finished it. Let me know your thoughts on how you think this season will be. Squad Out!

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