BvS Review

Hey guys! So over this past weekend, I finally got a chance to go to the movies and see Batman vs Superman. I’ll be honest with you, personally, I know more Marvel storylines and characters than I do DC.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, Batman V. Superman has been out for a couple weeks now. And I can say this with the fullest of confidence. Despite all the terrible reviews, it was actually really good! As I watched the movie, I was practically shaking with excitement and anticipation.

Now as we all know, the movie is centered on the whole Batman vs. Superman dispute. Two heroes, different, yet similar in so many ways. Without giving too much away from the movie, the beginning sequence is the classic origin story for Batman. We’ve read it countless times, and seen it so many ways; the alley scene: the night his parents were murdered. This was a great way of introducing Ben Affleck as the new Batman. From then on that event christened Bruce in the world of evil and justice. Now as the story progresses we learn that the damage of Superman’s fight with General Zod in Man of Steel caused a lot of significant deaths. One of which so happens to be a close colleague of Bruce Wayne. I mean damn, no offense or anything, but Superman literally destroyed 30% of the city, and that’s just the fight against Zod. From then on Bruce took it upon himself to find a way to defeat Superman.

Ben Affleck had some big shoes to fill when it came to playing the new batman. Christian Bale did a fantastic part with The Dark Knight series, and many fans argue that no one will be as good. Then again, that’s what everyone says when a new actor plays a character that has already been done. In my opinion, I think Affleck did a pretty good job portraying one of the most beloved characters in the comic book universe. He seemed like a cool version of older Bruce. Plus, after seeing this photo, comparing the Bruce Wayne from the show Gotham and the Bruce Wayne from BvS, I think they made an amazing pick. 

bruce wayne

Besides a new batman, we also have two new newcomers, one of them being Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. Now I was skeptical at first, because I couldn’t even imagine him as Lex Luthor. I mean the villain himself is so powerful and seeing Jesse, I was like the fuck? When you think of him, it makes you remember his other roles like in Zombieland or Social Network. In these roles he kind of plays the same guy. Like a quirky asshole. Thankfully for this role he took the asshole level up a notch and made Lex Luthor the evil mastermind that goes insane trying to kill his nemesis, Superman. As he was introduced in the movie I found out two things. One, I was so wrong. Two, this has to be one of the most interesting portrayals of Lex Luthor to date. Jesse Eisenberg brought so many new things to the table as Lex. This new Lex was not only intelligent but also cunning, pragmatic, witty, etc. In short, he was pretty awesome as Lex Luthor and I hope to see him in future DC films as the character.

Lex Luthor

The other newcomer we have is Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Guys we all know what you’re thinking. OMG she is so fucking hot. Yep. And not only is she mysterious as fuck in the movie, where she literally had the upper hand on Bruce Wayne with her charms. Like holy shit. And the way she fights really kicks ass and portrays Wonder Woman in the highest esteem. The downside: she was literally only on screen for seven minutes. That’s right. Seven minutes. Who said Seven minutes in Heaven was never worth it? I really wish she was in it for longer to be honest. Then again, it’ll be a great intro for her in the Justice League movie, and also her own.

wonder woman

The movie paid tribute to many of the classic comics of Superman and Batman.  The  well-known tributes to the comics’ Death of Superman and the Dark Knight Returns. While watching the movie I nearly tore my boyfriend’s hand off when we pointed the amount of Easter Eggs and nods to the DC universe. 

Now, let us address the elephant in the room. Many of you fans think that the movie itself was not a bad movie, but Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic weren’t as kind in their judgment. Though their judgment was not as bad as you can imagine, it did hinder some popularity when it came to movie reviews, and honestly, the movie did have its flaws. The movie was not perfect, but it didn’t need to get as trashed as most people made it. All movies do have their flaws. In this movie,  one of their flaws was the build up. The build up of the fight between two the heavy hitters in the DC universe. The movie focused on the dilemma of what humanity and its heroes would do if a capped, all powerful godlike being, was left unchecked. As well as Batman trying to figure out a way to beat Superman, and Lex Luthor beating everyone else and using them as pawns. In this, they introduced religion, politics, and moral dilemmas.

Many fans thought of it as too boring and not actiony enough, but honestly, it was really interesting to see. That is something that would honestly happen in our lives. Think about it, if an alien came from outer space, and had the power to destroy the world with no problem, was living on your world, said they meant no harm, but suddenly went back on their word. Who would stop them? There would literally be more debates than ever about this on every channel practically every day and I think the movie really captured that debate. Personally, I wouldn’t mind it as much when Superman looks like this

Henry Cavill

With that aside, the movie did live up to the hype. Was the movie perfect? No, but the movie was great nonetheless, the effects were pretty awesome, and I will not take that away from it. We have hints of a Justice League movie on the rise. The introduction of the Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg also came into notice. This movie was the start of the DC cinematic universe. And as a fan of DC, as well as Marvel, I am excited for what the future holds.

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