10 Big Comic Couples

Hey guys! SO let’s talk about something that happens in comics all the time: Couples. They come and go so often. When a new one shows up, the writers break up another. I felt like these guys need some recognition for being together, (for as long or short as it has been).


Spiderman (Peter Parker) and Mary Jane Watson: Spiderman, otherwise known as Peter Parker is one of the poster boys of Marvel and one of the most iconic superheroes to appear in the comic book realm. To be a fan of Spiderman, one must know his reoccurring and most famous love interest, Mary Jane Watson. In the beginning of Spiderman’s debut, Peter Parker was in high school and started undergoing the transformation from being a nerdy science geek to the witty masked web-slinger that we all know and love. As he became his alter ego, he slowly began to build a relationship with his crush and classmate Mary Jane Watson, as both Peter Parker and Spiderman. Though they ended up getting married, and later on, getting their memories erased and having to break up in order to save Aunt Mae, they are still known as one of the classic superhero high school lovebirds.


Batman and Catwoman: The bat and the cat. What started as a normal routine bust for Batman ended up being the start of a long string of flirtatious moments with this so-called “Jewel thief.” Despite her history of stealing from banks and jewelry stores, she must have stolen Batman’s heart somewhere along the way. Batman has viewed Catwoman in the romantic sense to the point where they would kiss during the job. He would chase Catwoman in a constant seductive game of cat and mouse that never seems to end.

Reed Richard and Susan Storm: This Fantastic Four pair is one of the very few successful couples in any comic universe. They knew each other for many years, grew up, got married, had kids, and DIDN’T have a ridiculous breakup for the sake of drama or to “spice” things up like they do with other characters. Though they were separated for a short time, they did get back together. Some people might call them boring for always being a loyal couple, but honestly, if you have a successful marriage and can kickass as a pair at the same time, you’re doing something right.

SupermanWonderWomanSuperman and Wonder Woman: Also known as the most powerful couple ever. These two are the literal definition of a power couple. As key members of the superhero team, “Justice League or Justice Society,” these two are always known to blow baddies away with their strength. What started as harmless flirting soon turned into passion as two slowly began to fall in love with each other to the point of becoming official with both their superhero egos and their undercover identities.

Beast Boy and Raven: This couple is probably one of the most underrated couples of the DC comic world. There are so many people I see that don’t want them to be together. Either they want Beast boy with Terra or Raven with Nightwing, but NO! These two are absolutely adorable and they know how to bring each other up when the other is down. Beast Boy has really matured through the comics and Raven has opened up from her formerly closed demeanor. It really hyped fans up when they started hooking up together in the revamp of The Titans. Though it was never clear on when they’re official and not, I think this is a pair worth mentioning.

JokerHarleyJoker and Harley: What started as a psychiatric rehabilitation job for Harleen Quinzel turned into complete and utter madness, with a romantic side to boot. Her patient at the time you may ask? The Joker. Her repeated exposure to the Joker and his influence, (not to mention him pushing her into a vat of toxic waste) turned Harleen Quinzel from esteemed psychiatrist into the clown-loving Harley Quinn. Their relationship is very, “unique.” By unique, Harley is the Joker’s right-hand girl always by his side, and the Joker always uses her to better his plans against his ultimate rival, the Batman. Case in point, Harley would do anything to please the Joker, and the Joker uses this to his advantage each and every time. Not the healthiest relationship when they were together, but it would be a lie to say they weren’t “madly” in love.

RogueGambitRogue and Gambit: This constant back-and-forth couple is one of those known for the term “It’s complicated.” Every time they get a chance to try and get together, something inside of them tries to keep them apart. They’re both so stubborn and have so many trust issues, from their pasts, and yet they always seem to find a way to come back to each other. The best part is, that while Remy’s powers are to create energy, Rogue’s powers are meant to take energy. They’re truly a puzzle piece perfect match in that way.

Nightwing (Dick Grayson) and Starfire: Now these guys are one of those couples that are fire and burn bright together, but also burn themselves out just as fast as well. They had a long-term attraction while they were both in the Teen Titans together, and in the old comics in the 90’s they were actually going to get married. That is until Starfire saw he wasn’t ready for that. In the new comic adaptations, they just keep coming back to each other one way or another. Even his fake death couldn’t keep them apart. He’s returned in the new Starfire series too. Say what you will about them, but this is a couple who’s flame never goes out.

BlackWidowHawkeyeHawkeye and Black Widow: The assassin and the bowman. A superhero couple that actually doesn’t have any powers! The tow of them have been together at some point in every adaptation except the big screen. Tragic. They never seem to stay together too long though. People have wanted Black Widow to be with everyone from Captain America, The Winter Soldier, even Hulk, but she’s always had the best connection with Hawkeye in my opinion. Some people see them better as “best friends” but we all know what’s really going on behind closed doors.

Jean Grey and Cyclops: If you thought the rest of the couples were a complicated soap opera, you don’t know these guys. Seeing as the Xmen have their own specialty for drama, this is one couple who has made it through so many issues. They met when they were young, still learning their powers on one of the task force teams in Charles Xavier’s school, and after time things just went on its way. The complicated part you ask? Oh, I don’t know, maybe the love triangle that’s always happening with Wolverine? Or maybe how Scott has cheated on Jean with Emma Frost on multiple occasions? These two are dynamic leaders of the Xmen that shouldn’t be messed with. Let’s see if they’ll stop messing up their own lives in the meantime, though.

That’s all for today guys. If you don’t like any of these guys together, I totally get it, everyone has their own opinion. Leave me a comment saying what you do think of any of these couples together though. Squad Out!


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