x23 in Wolverine 3?

GUYS, GUYS, GUYS!!! Ok so over these past few days there have been rumors over a new set of claws that might be in the third Wolverine movie. According to Comicbook.com, there was a casting call that just went out for “Caucasian, Hispanic, and Asian-looking females over the age of 21, a height of 4′ – 4’11, and a size 0-4.” IT MIGHT JUST BE HER!

For those of you who don’t know who X23 is, I’m going to educate you all in my favorite Marvel female character. Long story short: Her name is Laura Kinney. She’s Wolverine’s female clone, but instead of having three claws on her hands, she has two on each and one on each foot.


Her character originally showed up in Xmen Evolution Season 3 Episode 11, waaaay back in the early 2000s version of Xmen that I and many other younger fans grew up on.


Around 2004-ish they brought her character up and she began making her way in the New Xmen and X-Force, and later had her own ongoing comic series in 2010. I’ve gotta say, my favorite is when she’s on missions with Wolverine Gambit, and even Jubilee in a few issues.


Long Story Medium: They tried to redo the Weapon X project and make a new Wolverine they could actually control and use as a weapon. Her name is X23 cause it was the 23rd time they tried to make the clone. (It succeeded cause it was a female like Dr. Kinney suggested, instead of a male.) They raise her until she’s about seven, activate her mutant powers, rip her claws out, coat them with adamantium, and put them back in, with no pain relievers btw, and then raise her to be a professional assassin until she’s about 17. She’s on her last mission to destroy the pods of X24 through 50, and kill Dr. Rice, the man behind everything, but the trigger scent was released on her, sending her into a murderous rampage, and she ended up killing her mother. As she was dying, her mom told X23 her name was Laura, she loved her very much, and gave her photos of Wolverine, the Xmen, and the Institute.

CAN YOU BELIVE THAT? She finally gets to run away with her mother away from the scientific hell hole she was raised in and the bad guy comes and makes her kill her own mother. Then again, what’s a hero without a tragic backstory?

After that, she kind of goes on her journey of self-discovery and finds Wolverine. Then after arresting her, Captain America and Matt Murdock set her free so S.H.I.E.L.D. doesn’t use her as a weapon either. Laura and Wolverine go on tons of adventures together and he is honestly the closest thing to a dad she’ll ever know and I love it. The rest you’re going to have to find out in her comics! (Which you can totally read online for free.)

Wolverine and X23

Since Wolverine has officially died in the new comics, she’s taken it upon herself to become the new Wolverine. A lot of people are opposed to it, but honestly, if Logan’s dead, why not? She’s got the claws, the chops, and the mouth to make him proud.

X23 new Wolverine

So this is me here, begging the writers of the last Wolverine movie to please, freaking please, include this glorious child in the storyline, and to make her Hispanic or Asian because there really needs to be more POC actresses out there. And for everyone else, please keep a look out for her IF she does show up in the new movie. Until then, Squad Out!

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